The technologies that will play a very important Role in 2022

The technologies that will play a very important role in 2022

Every year some new technology is added to our way of life. Sometimes the old trend is repeated in the new year. In recent times, due to the epidemic of Covid-19, there have been differences and innovations in technology. Many similar “trends” are repeated. The New York Times, a US-based news agency, has published a report on the technologies that could affect people’s lives in 2022.

  1. Metaverse: For more than a decade, technologists have dreamed of an age where our virtual life plays as important a role as our physical reality. In simple terms, people will take refuge in the virtual world to communicate with loved ones. Theoretically, there would be financial transactions to buy clothes and essentials for the digital incarnation of human beings, this is what the technologists hope. Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Meta, called this idea ‘Metaverse’.

    Last year, the company sold 10 million units of virtual reality headsets. After achieving this milestone, the name of the organization was changed to ‘Meta’ on social media Facebook. Metaverse does not just mean meta-dependent media; Rather, it points to a supernatural reality of virtual reality. These include the introduction of cryptocurrencies and Apple’s plans to create virtual reality headsets. Google has also been in the process of inventing its own virtual reality headset for several years. Users will be able to enter the world of an unearthly virtual reality in a blink of an eye with special glasses on their eyes and a headset on their head.

  2. Smart Home: Over the past year, smart home products such as Internet-connected thermostats, door locks, and robotic vacuum cleaners have improved significantly. E-commerce such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri have made significant contributions. However, there are reports that smart home products do not work on most device technologies. Some door smart locks only work on Apple phones. So Android or other users will not get this benefit. But this year, Apple, Samsung, Google, and Amazon are working to make smart homes more useful. According to the data, more than 100 smart home products will come into the market.

  3. Healthcare gadgets: Some gadgets have gained popularity in recent health awareness, among them: Apple Watch and Fitbit. This fitness device helps us keep track of our movements and heartbeat. Tech giants are researching ways to gather more user health information on smaller devices. Recently, the Finnish company Ora has come up with a new model. The model, called the Ara Ring, measures body temperature and predicts menstruation.

    A ring similar to Aura was on display at The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year. Through this, the ring will inform about any possible illness by judging the user’s body temperature and heart rate. Experts say that giving the wrong information can cause hypochondria symptoms in users.

  4. Electric Vehicles: In order to maintain the ecological balance and reduce carbon emissions, the competition for the innovation of electric vehicles is going on in the world. Last year, US President Joe Biden said that by 2030, half of the country’s cars will be electric. Electric cars were also the main topic of discussion for automobile manufacturers at the CES event this week. At one point, Ford announced plans to increase production of its F-150, its electric pickup truck. Meanwhile, General Motors recently announced plans to launch a Chevrolet Silverado battery-powered pickup truck soon.

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